"You'll be successful because everyone else is lazy"

Lack of drive is a big issue nowadays, especially for young adults. It’s mind-boggling to me. People are constantly supporting movies and music that portray “The American Dream” or shouting out mantras that revolve around the willingness to work hard and build empires from scratch, yet at any given day, you'll find more people out at a club or bar “celebrating” rather than staying home to work on their blueprints. While it’s definitely necessary to blow off some steam every now and then, more often than not, 'every now and then' becomes 'most of the time' then gradually, 'all the time'. 

The way I see it, if you want to be successful, you can’t get to work at 9:05am and clock out at 4:59pm. Persistence is key, even if that means giving up a few Friday nights to work on your craft. Don’t think of it as paying dues, just do it for yourself. Bottom line: anyone can succeed at what they want; any career, any dream; they just have to be proactive about it. Don’t worry about having all your moves mapped out step by step. As long as you have a clear view of your destination, the path getting there can be blurry. It’s supposed to be blurry.. and colorful.. and unexpected. That’s the exciting part. You’re supposed to have dreams, just don’t sleep on them.

Take a moment and think of all the successful people you know. The reality is, they may not be the absolute best at what they do. You, personally, might even be the one who’s more talented. Before you decide to look at them in a negative light, take a step back and ask yourself “Why are they the ones on top?” Most of the time the answer is: they worked insanely hard to be there. So let their hustles inspire you. Go work twice as hard. I believe in you. You should too.

xo, Has