What's Your Online Persona?

I haven’t written or shared anything online in what feels like forever. To be totally honest, I’ve developed a total love/hate thing with the internet/social media/the digital age. On one hand, everything is super accessible — which is exciting because opportunities to create and connect are endless. On the other hand, everything is super saturated — which is disheartening to me as an artist/individual because it puts so much pressure on validation and not enough on authenticity. Maybe I’m just hyper-aware of it, but I often find myself over-analyzing my “digital presence” to the point where i don’t even want to post at all...

With that said, I’ve realized that for me, the most positive use of this platform is to be genuine and share content that inspires me, so that hopefully, it evokes creativity and thought for anyone scrolling through. As I thought about ways to achieve that, the answer became clear -- it was time for me to go back to a place I hadn't visited in years, my blog. 

Nowadays, I think a lot of people, especially those of us who struggle with this "anti-social-media" mindset, often associate a negative connotation with the word "blogger." Not to diminish anybody's hustle, there are a ton of bloggers whom I follow, respect and admire, but truthfully it's become a bit of a cliché. Often times, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear "blogger" is a tall, tan, overly-peppy beach blonde posing for a Boomerang in front of the pink Paul Smith wall on Melrose with a peace sign (#content). 

But some time before the blog market was mind-numbingly saturated with endless posts around Coachella, avocado toast and lattes, I looked to my blog as a place where I could easily share the work I produced with my peers in a creative way, like a storytelling portfolio. I'd collaborate with other creatives on photoshoots to make art, I'd write therapeutic articles about issues I was going through hoping it would make people sharing those struggles feel less alone, and I'd conduct interviews/features with amazing artists/entrepreneurs I came across in order to share their stories with my readers. My purpose was to create and inspire.

So as it all comes full circle, I realize I have a choice to make. Either I can continue to be reclusive and avoid having a digital presence, or I can empower myself to use that platform to build something that's bigger than me. I acknowledge that the Internet is not going anywhere. It's a powerful tool that can be used to tell a story, build a brand, and cultivate a community. As a woman, a creative, and an entrepreneur I'd like for my contribution in this saturated digital space to be an honest and conscious one.

I know that I've changed a lot since my first blog, both personally and professionally, a lot has happened over the years. While it may be hard to just pick up where you left off, there's always the option to start over. 

xo, Has