Hustle Create Inspire

It's crazy to think that we each see the same things so differently. I always felt like an oddball growing up because I thought I payed too much attention to detail; all of the patterns, the color waves, the rhyme schemes, the motions, the life. I would see someone walk past the same thing as me without a second glance and I’d wonder why. Now I've learned that everything is subjective. Perception is powerful and everyone has the power to change their perception.

They say it is a blessing and a curse to feel things deeply. Good or bad,  I think it makes you more human. We all have it, we just need to channel it. So if you feel like an oddball, keep bouncing. If you feel like you’re going crazy, keep going. If you feel like you’re stuck, move. Flip it upside-down and take a few steps to the side. It’s all in your hands. This gives you the greatest power of all, the freedom to create. I had never realized how much I value creativity until the last couple of years. It’s one thing to see the world in your own color waves, but it’s another to take the color waves from your mind and put it out into the world.

The formula is simple: hustle, create, inspire. Begin by working hard and creating something meaningful. Next, put it out into the Universe with good intentions. Soon, it’ll catch the right momentum and inspire someone who will inspire someone else and so on and so forth. Before you know it, a positive domino effect you put into play. Do good, feel good.

xo, Has