Always Cheetah, Never Beige

If you know anything about me, you know that I’ve always dreamed of being a Carrie Bradshaw. I want to bounce around my city in designer stilettos and a blonde fro, write in my chic apartment, brunch with my best friends and have my own Big love. The only difference is, I’d be holding a camera instead of a clutch. 

I truly see a lot of myself in Carrie and find myself relating to her quite often. In one particular episode, Big tells her (that after seasons of stringing her along) he’s now engaged to Natasha. Heartbroken, infuriated and somewhat dumbfounded, Carrie ponders the answer to the question every woman wants to know, “Why her?” After days of obsessing over it, it hits her. The only reason Big picked Natasha: the “perfect” Vogue stepford wife over Carrie: the “complicated,” ballsy and independent Cosmopolitan ex-girlfriend is simplicity. 

Natasha isn't perfect, she's simple. She's beige. The only reason it seems like she has no flaws in her personality is because she has no personality. She’s neat, quiet, reserved, and submissive. No personality means no trouble, no fuss. “Your girl is lovely, Hubbell.” Carrie goes on to referencing Robert Redford and Barbara Streisand in The Way We Were. She states that there are two types of women in the world: the complicated “Katies” (or Carries) with wild curly hair and simple “Natashas" with straight hair. Sure enough, Big realizes this for himself and runs back to her a few episodes later. When he tells her he misses her Carrie replies, “Go lay in your beige bed.” 

That hit home for me, so I’ve tweaked it to be one of my mantras – “always cheetah, never beige.” Basic "beige" women are sought out by insecure men who want to settle down with something safe. Settling down is cool but I’ve never been fond of the idea of settling. Cheetah > beige isn’t necessarily a style tip. Being "cheetah" doesn’t mean you absolutely have to be loud or extroverted either. All it means is you are true to yourself instead of walking on eggshells to please others. It’s human to be complex and to have feelings, refusing to condense yourself in order to make someone like you doesn’t make you a “crazy feminist” it makes you a confident person. Don’t be the safe version, don’t blend in and don’t modify yourself to fit neatly in someone else’s box. I’ve always liked a lot of cheetah print and my friends make fun of me for it but that’s me. One of my friends is known for her pastel cashmere cardigans and another for her raiders tees and hightop vans. It doesn't matter if you glow in neon or monochrome, just don't dim yourself down to beige, choose to glow.

P.S. – The definition of a feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.. Doesn't sound crazy at all. 

xo, Has